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  • Femoroacetabular Osteoplasty

    Femoroacetabular osteoplasty

    Femoroacetabular osteoplasty is the surgical reshaping of the protruding bony surface of the femur or acetabulum of the hip joint.

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  • Iliopsoas Tendon Lengthening

    Iliopsoas Tendon Lengthening

    Iliopsoas tendon lengthening is a procedure that involves the excision or cutting of the iliopsoas tendon in the hip to reduce pain and...

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  • Acetabular Rim Trimming

    Acetabular Rim Trimming

    Acetabular rim trimming is a surgical procedure performed to even the surface around the femoral head...

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  • Hip Cartilage Repair

    Hip Cartilage Repair

    Hip cartilage repair is the process of restoring damaged cartilage in the hip joint, either surgically or non-surgically.

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  • Hip Surgery

    Hip Surgery

    Hip surgery is a surgical procedure for the treatment of a hip injury or hip condition. The procedure involves repairing...

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  • Femoral Osteoplasty

    Femoral Osteoplasty

    Femoral osteoplasty is the surgical alteration or reshaping of your femur (thigh bone). It is performed if you have an...

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  • Hip Labral Repair

    Hip Labral Repair

    Hip labral repair is a surgical procedure to treat hip labral tears. A hip labral tear is a partial or complete rupture of the hip labrum...

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  • Hip Fracture Surgery

    Hip Fracture Surgery

    Surgical correction of a hip fracture is known as hip fracture surgery.

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  • Hip Microfracture

    Hip Microfracture

    Hip Microfracture is a marrow-stimulating technique that creates a network of small holes in the bone below the hip cartilage (subchondral bone).

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  • Proximal Hamstring Repair

    Proximal Hamstring Repair

    Proximal hamstring injuries can usually be treated with non-surgical options such as the RICE protocol, immobilization, and physical therapy.

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  • Physical Therapy for Hip

    Physical Therapy for Hip

    Physical therapy is an exercise program that helps you to improve movement, relieve pain, encourage blood flow for faster healing, and...

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  • Hip Cartilage Restoration

    Hip Cartilage Restoration

    Hip cartilage restoration is a surgical technique to repair damaged articular cartilage in the hip joint by stimulating new growth of...

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  • Hip Reconstruction

    Hip Reconstruction

    Hip reconstruction is a surgery to repair or replace a damaged hip joint that causes pain and limits your movement.

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  • Hip Labral Augmentation

    Hip Labral Augmentation

    Hip labral augmentation is a surgery to treat hip labral tears. A labral augmentation surgery involves utilizing tissue from another area of...

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  • Hip Labral Reconstruction

    Hip Labral Reconstruction

    Hip labral reconstruction is a surgery that involves the use of a graft to replace the damaged portion of a hip labrum.

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  • Hip Implants

    Hip Implants

    Hip implants are artificial devices that form the essential parts of the hip joint in a hip replacement surgery. The hip implants vary by size...

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  • Non-Surgical Hip Treatments

    Non-Surgical Hip Treatments

    Hip problems may arise with overuse, acute trauma, degenerative diseases such as arthritis, and sports injuries. These conditions require...

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  • Trochanteric Bursa Injections

    Trochanteric Bursa Injections

    A trochanteric bursa injection is a minimally invasive procedure in which medicine is injected directly into the trochanteric bursa in the...

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  • Physical Examination of the Hip

    Physical Examination of the Hip

    Physical examination of the hip is the key component in diagnosing the cause of your hip pain or hip pathology.

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